PR, Event

Rojst: Showmax original production premiere

Tasks scope:
PR campaign, media, event coordination, communication strategy, creative send
Showmax / 2018


Positioning and promotion of Rojst as a blockbuster throughtailor-made PR activities.

Investing in Polish productions and local talent constituted an important element in the Showmax strategy and at the same time, highlighted the brand against its competition. It was necessary to reach diverse audiences, build awareness of the new production and gradually and still, elicit curiosity in potential viewers.


To achieve the complex goal: build awareness, incite and maintain interest in the series, and effectively build the tension and excitement pending the première, the communications we designed and implemented included the following:

  • Organising an open media day at the filming location
  • Managing the press office
  • Organising a pre-release screening for critics and opinion leaders
  • A creative mailing, referencing the 1980s spirit the events of the series plot are based on
  • Communications support for the Brodka and A_Gim music video Wszystko, czego dziś chcę (the theme song)
  • Coordinating media relations during the press conference
  • Creating custom press materials in the form of a newspaper, Kurier Wieczorny (The Evening Courier), projected 1:1 from the Rojst series.


Based on the assumptions, the strategy, implemented consistently and systematically over 5 months has brought spectacular results. Many publications, reviews, news appearing in the press, on-line, and on the radio meant that before the première, Rojst was everywhere.

No. of publications:



10 858 995 zł


35 573 454